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Todd's Blog I started a tech blog on technical book publisher O'Reilly & Associates' website. Click on the link to see what I'm rambling about over there.

Open Source in Government It may seem odd that a Microsoft-centric person like me is even remotely involved in Open Source activities. But economic circumstances (like a budget that dropped to zero) makes for strange bedfellows. I track Open Source in Government settings on this site.

Handheld PC and Pocket PC Newsgroups sponsored by Microsoft (requires an NNTP newsreader client like Outlook Express): When I was the MSN/ZDNet Forum Manager for the Communications & Messaging and Handheld Computers Forums, I discouraged e-mail questions to try to make sure people visited the Forums and make Microsoft and ZDNet happy. Now that I answer questions for free, I'm even more reluctant to answer questions sent via e-mail :-). So, if you have a Handheld PC or Pocket PC question, head over to the Microsoft newsgroups linked in the subject line. There are a bunch of friendly Microsoft MVPs (volunteers designated by Microsoft as Most Valuable Professionals) answering questions there. If I don't have the answer, one of the other MVPs probably can help you out. But, if you really want to send me e-mail, send it to (delete the NOSPAM if you clicked on the mail link).


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Todd's Tech Finds

Mobile Computing My alternate website has information about Pocket PCs, Palm OS devices, and wireless technology. Over there you will find:

Pocket PC FAQ

Pocket PC 2002 Themes Collection

Pocket PC Applications List

MSN E-mail for Windows CE FAQ


...and a lot of other useful information about ultraportables there. Then head over to:

MobileDot: This is the MobileViews news and commentary page. Its SlashDot-like design lets you respond to what you read.

Legacy Handheld PCs

Compaq Aero 8000 First Impression

HP 620LX Windows CE 2.11 Upgrade Impressions

HP Jornada 720 First Impression

HP Jornada 820 First Impression

NEC MobilePro 700 Broken Hinge Fix

Using MSN as your Internet Service Provider

Legacy Palm-size PCs

Microsoft Uplink You can still find the articles I wrote about the Palm-size PC at this archival site

Casio CompactFlash Digital Camera First Impression

HP Jornada 420 First Impression Quite honestly, I didn't like the 420. HP learned from their mistakes though. Their HP 540 and 560 Series Pocket PCs are my favorites

HP Jornada External Keyboard This works with the 400 and 600 Series Palm-size and Handheld PCs

IBM MicroDrive 340 First impressions by Chuck Davis

Safeguarding a Palm-size PC

Traveling with a Palm-size PC

Windows CE Photo-FAQ This FAQ is really old. But, if you have a Palm-size PC or Handheld PC, must of the information is relevant to you


Battery Information

Computer Dinosaurs (History) Some friends and I were reminiscing about the good old days of computing a while back. So, I threw together this little page to collect some interesting computing history information.

Movie Ratings. Everybody's a critic. So, why should be any different? I created a little HanDBase applet/database soon after I discovered HanDBase for the Pocket PC in March 2001. This list reflects the various movies I've seen since then.

Open Source software list. I'm involved in a large project where I'm using a lot of Open Source software development tools. This list helps me keep track of Open Source related items.

Personal Finance Links A holdover from the good old days when an ordinary person could make money in the stock market :-)

TO-Tech Links

Computer & Internet Telephony

TO-Tech Telephony Page My former MSN content (whose IP rights belong to me) as well as original content are collected here for you. You can find the 56K Modem FAQ, Modem Help Page, NetMeeting Notes, and more linked on this page.


KidsWare This page was prototype concept page for an MSN ComputingCentral forum idea I tried to get approval for years ago. The idea was to collect information and provide a discussion area about toys and games that promote creativity and learning in children. The forum idea was rejected. But, I still like the idea and want to do something with it again someday.

KidsWare Programming This was another aspect of the KidsWare Forum concept. It was to have been a sub-area of the Forum focused on software programming tools developed specifically for children.

LEGO Information My favorite toy as a child and adult :-)

LEGO Mindstorms Information The Robotics Invention Kit has literally taken on a life of its own in the Lego world. There are around a half-dozen books about building and programming with this toy.