Windows CE Developers Conference
Todd Ogasawara

June 6, Saturday, Day 0
Rocky Mountains
A view of the Rocky Mountains from my hotel window.

Sega Dreamcast
A number of Sega Dreamcast units attached to large TV sets are provided for attendees to try out. Fortunately, I found it before the "hordes" arrived and had a chance to play with it for a bit without line behind me chomping at the bit. I am certainly not a gaming expert. But, I was impressed by what I saw. Enough so that I will probably by a game console for the first time in my life.
CE based WebTV
The conference group also placed a number of CE based WebTV units for attendee use. I must admit I found the interface somewhat puzzling. But, I'm sure that if I spent a bit more time, it would become comfortable. The wireless keyboard seemed quite useable.