Windows CE Developers Conference
Todd Ogasawara

June 6, Sunday, Day 1
Microsoft reception
Ice sculpture greeting attendees at the Sunday evening reception.

Doug Boling applications programming seminar
Good turn-out at Doug Boling's all day seminar on Windows CE applications programming
Sync your P/PC or H/PC
Microsoft provided a bank of sync stations to allow attendees to download the latest conference information as well Pocket Streets 3.0 with maps of Seattle and Denver.
Panasonic web-phone
The Panasonic webphone built using Windows CE was displayed.
Socket CF bar code reader
Socket Communications showed their CF form factor bar code reader
Socket GSM card
Socket Communications also showed their GSM card.
Clik! in PC Card reader
The Clik! PC Card reader does not have CE drivers yet. But, Iomega says it is being developed.
Jason C. Patterson
Jason C. Patterson of Conduits fame and new Windows CE Forum Associate Forum Manager-Developer Issues
Craig Peacock
Craig Peacock. Creator of the first Windows CE web site I ever saw. And, a good friend of the Windows CE Forum.
Will Nelson - PDA Dash
Will Nelson of PDA Dash (another Forum Friend!)