Windows CE Developers Conference
Todd Ogasawara

June 8, Monday, Day 3
VP Muglia w/CE pad prototype
MS VP Robert Muglia with a prototype Windows CE pad.

Lead Program Manager O'Donovan & VP Muglia
Lead Universal Plug & Play (uPnP) Sinead O'Donovan and VP Muglia demonstrate various devices (an Axis NetEye web camera is shown here) connected via uPnP.
MIPS based units
NEC's microprocessor division displayed the various MIPS based CE devices.
P/PCs rule
There were a lot of Palm-sized PCs at the CE DevCon (no surprise!). New Associate Forum Manager for Developer Information Jason Patterson was no exception (he carried several :-)
convention center
We were fortunate to have great weather during the conference in Denver
with filter
I lost my lens cap (anyone know where to find a 37mm lens cap) and took this photo with the filter I use as a cap.