Computer Telephony Expo Spring 2000
Tuesday, March 7, Day 1
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Ray Horak delivers the Early Bird session to discuss the Fundamentals of Voice over IP

Ed Margulies, Group Director, Events, Converging Communications Group, CMP Media Inc., welcomes Expo attendees before the first day's keynote speeches.

John Hart, CTO, 3Com Corp.

Dan McCafferty, Nokia Intelligent Applications, Director of Strategic Sales (substituting for Ram Metser, VP & Managing Director, Intelligent Applications Group)

Susan King, VP Customer Care, Nortel Networks

The crowd files in as the doors open for the first of three vendor exhibit days

A view of a small part of the exhibit floor
Buzz words and phrases from the first day of CT Expo Spring 2000...

John Hart, 3Com: BUB (Big Ugly Box). John doesn't like it. He wants seamless, anytime, anywhere communications.

Dan McCafferty, Nokia: Mobile Information Society with Global IP Mobility. Nokia claims that the wireless phone can be a person's sole information device.

Susan King, Nortel: ROR = Return on Relationships, the new success metric. Multimedia Blended Contact Centers deals with all aspects of a customer relationship.

This is the seventh (7th) year I've attended Spring CT Expo. It is the one industry event I try (and so far have succeeded) to attend every year. The event has matured along with the Computer/Internet Telephony industry itself. Part of this maturity means that we do not see as much consumer oriented products as we did years ago. You tend to see the consumer type products at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. That said, I saw a number of things that might interest those of you who frequent the MSN Telephony Forum that I manage.

RealTel.Com. I list this first because I "didn't get it" the first time I heard what this product does. It didn't make any sense to me. But, as I kept listening and looking at the product, "I got it." Their software can take any IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system and "web-ize" its response tree. Then, it can securely transmit DTMF tones via a web page. "Huh?" you say? I did too. But, keep thinking about it. Think about all those long insurance company, bank, brokerage, goverment agency, etc. etc. IVRs you've encountered. A lot of those facilities have no web equivalent yet. Now imagine if you could "web-ize" those IVR trees and send the tones securely (with PINs, etc.) via a web interface. Ah, I see you get it too now. Interesting concept. I like it.

Quicknet Technologies has a PC Card (PCMCIA) version of their popular Internet PhoneJACK that reduces G.723.1 audio latency for Internet Telephony on the public network. They have partnered with Delta Three to provide domestic (US) and international PC to phone communications. QuickNet indicated that Delta Three now offers free domestic (US) long distance calling. I have not confirmed this yet myself, however.

MailVision exhibited their next generation messaging portal. Their product provids Internet voice-mail, internet fax, text-to-speech e-mail conversion, web file storage, and web mail. I need to check out this product/service myself.

There were a couple of Linux based PBX systems demonstrated. All were in pre-production mode. Vendors included Picazo and others (details later).

Voice Logic demonstrated a number of SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) voice mail phone systems. The smallest model is the 206 that supports 2 incoming lines and 6 extensions.

A couple of companies showed xDSL based small phone systems. Visit  the Bizfon and Voice Logic web sites for details.