Computer Telephony Expo Spring 2000
Thursday, March 9, Day 3
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Mark De Simone, Lucent VP  of Global Marketing delivers the final keynote of CT Expo Spring 2000

Multilink Portable USB Modem

The sun setting on the LA Convention Center
Summary comments: Everyone spoke about Computer and Internet Telephony in terms of customer relationships... Open systems, especially Intel/Dialogic's CT Media is a good emergent system. I hope we can plug and play best-of-breed components in the near future... Four vendors had Linux-based PC PBX systems in various stages of development... They are all in alpha or beta development stages right now though. Expect to see more fully developed systems later this year... Linux's presence was lightly felt this year... Expect to see more in the months to come... QuickNet (known for Internet PhoneJACK and LineJACK) said that they are the maintainer of the Linux Telephony API. Dialogic announced that they are supporting Linux too.