Bill Gates, PDC Keynote Microsoft Professional Developers Conference
Monday, October 12, 1998
Denver, Colorado

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Windows CE 2.11 & H/PC Pro Articles.
Mini-reviews of Windows CE Books

Todd Notes
Keynote: Bill Gates presented the keynote address at the PDC. It was a reasonably interesting and well made presentation. The interesting aspects, to me, where that [1] the presentation focused almost entirely on Windows NT 5. I do not recall any mention of Windows CE. This is especially interesting since rumor was that 'Jupiter' (H/PC Pro) was originally scheduled to be introduced today by Mr. G. Instead it was announced with relatively little fan fare last week.
Session: Inside Windows CE. Michael Thompson Program Manager, Windows CE OS
This session focusd on the ETK (Embedded Tool Kit). Looking through my notes, I did not see anything that I wanted to spend time on reporting this evening. However, I will add details after the PDC.
Session: Writing Applications for the Handheld PC. Scott Skorupa, Development Manager - H/PC Applications
Decoding Product Versions As of
Handheld PC Professional Edition
Current Windows CE OS 2.11
Windows CE Services 2.2
Applications & Shell 3.0

NS Basic. Current owners of NS Basic for the Apple Newton can upgrade to the Windows CE NS Basic for $79.95. List price is $99.95. Note: I bought a copy and installed it on my HP620LX. It must be installed in System RAM. It cannot be installed on a CF card. My opinion is that you need at least 16MB of System RAM to install this tool. I have not played with it much but it looks very interesting. You can learn more about it at
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