MS PDC, Wednesday, Day 3, October 14, 1998, Denver Colorado
PDC Bookends
Auto PC Penn of Penn & Teller
An installed AutoPC Penn Gillette of Penn & Teller entertains the PDC crowd

Todd's Notes: VP Tod Nielson said the the new MSDN Start web page will be available in January 1999. It will provide a simplified and customizable entry point for developers. The site will take advantage of IE5 and XML. Most importantly, all developer information will be collected at this site.
Session: Building DNA Applications The Easy Way With ADO And the Windows CE Toolkit for Visual BASIC by Chris Stirrat/Program Manager, Matt Woodward/Lead Developer, Consumer Platform Division, Microsoft Corporation.
Points in no particular order
Session: Windows CE Networking and Communications Architecture by Alex T. Choe, Developer Support Engineer, Microsoft.

Note: One vendor allowed me to take a photo of their unannounced H/PC Pro. The requested that I not publish the photo or mention its name. I will honor that request and post the photo as soon as permission is granted to me.
LG H/PC Pro (uses CE 2.0 not CE 2.11), available now NEC H/PC Pro
Sharp H/PC Pro Vadem Clio
Sharp H/PC Pro, available November Vadem Clio (also sold as the Sharp Tripod)