MS PDC, Thursday, Day 4, October 15, 1998, Denver Colorado
Harel Kodesh, Microsoft VP, Consumer Appliances Division Odyssey Software CE Fusion
Harel Kodesh, Microsoft VP,
Consumer Appliances Division
Mark Gentile, Odyssey Software
demonstrating CE Fusion

Todd's Notes Harel Kodesh, Microsoft Consumer Appliances Division VP, gave the keynote address today. His keynote focused entirely on Windows CE. Harel noted that the H/PC Pro is using has gone 16 hours, so far, on a single charge.

Steve G. (sp?) demonstrated the Windows CE veresion of WebTV as well as the Sega Dreamcast game console built around Windows CE and DirectX driven 128-bit graphics. Both demonstrations were very interesting.

Mark Gentile (sp?) from Odyssey Software demonstrated the firm's CE Fusion product that provided seamless connectiviy between SQL server and a PA-2400 CE slate.

It was noted several times that there are two major types of CE devices. [1] PC Companions: H/PC, H/PC Pro, P/PC, A/PC and [2] Home Companions: WebTV, Sega Dreamcast, Set-top boxes, Media players (DVD units running Windows CE), and Webphones.

Extending Web Content To PC Companions With Mobile Channels by Jay McClain, Development Lead, Windows CE Internet Core

Developing Great Applications for the Palm-size PC by Timothy Sharpe, Software Design Engineer, Mobile Electronics Group
Denver at 5PM Farewell to the PDC and Denver

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