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Official LEGO Sites Home Official LEGO home page.
LEGO Mindstorms The Robotics Invention System developed at the Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT). Available now. It can be ordered from LEGO America by calling 800-243-4870.
Legoland Links to the Denmark, England, and US Legoland web sites.
Unofficial Lego Sites
The unofficial LEGO FAQ
Fibblesnork LEGO Guide
Cool LEGO® Site of the Week
LUGNET LEGO Users Group Network.
LUGNET Repository of Parts Inventories for LEGO® Sets Lego Maniac's Guide
Ben and Jer's Lego Raytracing
LDraw & LEdit Tutorial Tutorial on the usage of the MS-DOS based LEGO drawing application.
LEGOEngineer (DACTA based)
Dacta® Spares from Pitsco®
Media Coverage
CNN: How to build the robot of your dreams Sept. 10, 1998
ZDTV LEGO Mindstorms RealVideo report
PC Magazine LEGO Mindstorms review Sept. 2, 1998.
Tech Toy News
Eric Harshbarger's LEGOŽ website Amazing large Lego sculptures. You have to visit this web site to see Eric's amazing work.
PETE W STORONSKIJ'S STARSHIPS IN LEGO: and half of a High Gothic Cathedral too :) :D
Tom Stangl's Office If you want to see someone who has a LOT of LEGO minifigs at work, take a look at Tom's office.
Terry's LEGO Titanic
Tom Owad's Lego Macintosh
LEGO Locks
The Brick Apple A LEGO City
Joe's LEGO Page Great photos of LEGO creations. A "must see"!
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LEGO Lexicon
Based on information posted by OR Pawel to RTL on 13 September 1998
ATL newsgroup
Auczilla - Lego auction - in it's 8th segment
BSB Black Seas Baracuda
BURP Big Ugly Rock Piece - The dark gray mountian pieces
CRAPP Crummy Ramp And Pit Plate
DFD Deep Freeze Defender
E-bay - Place where some lego bidding goes on
Fibblesnork - Lego reference & more
FS/FT For Sale/For Trade
Lugnet - Lego project to make life for RTL easier
Pause - Lego reference guide
RTL newsgroup
S@H LEGO Shop At Home
Mike Stanley Person who posts the weekly Lego S@H specials
TRU Toys R Us
Lou Zucaro Person who initially set up Pause
Note: Another list of LEGO acronyms