From: "Cyberia"
Subject: Re: Mindstorms A/D 8 bit or 10 ?
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 21:54:18 -0500
From the processor user's manual for the H-8/3297/3296/3294/3292 :

12.1 Overview
The H8/3297 includes a 10-bit successive-approximations A/D converter with a
selection of up to eight
analog input channels.
12.1.1 Features
A/D converter features are listed below.
 10-bit resolution
 Eight input channels
 High-speed conversion
Conversion time: minimum 8.4 s per channel (with 16-MHz system clock)
 Two conversion modes
Single mode: A/D conversion of one channel
Scan mode: continuous conversion on one to four channels
 Four 16-bit data registers
A/D conversion results are transferred for storage into data registers
corresponding to the channels.
 Sample-and-hold function
 A/D conversion can be externally triggered
 A/D interrupt requested at end of conversion
At the end of A/D conversion, an A/D end interrupt (ADI) can be requested.

SeeYa !
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Jason S. Mantor wrote in message <01be02e0$8d777a60$0148000a@xanthra>...
> I just got a Mindstorms this yesterday and I've been surfing the various
>web pages about it (Lots of good info!) and I came across something odd.
>The specs for the microprocessor say it has 8 bit A/D's (Analog to digital
>converters), but the raw values range from 0 -1023 !  That's 10 bits of
>resolution !  Are the interpolating some how ? Would this really get you
>anything beside a better "looking" value ?  I'd image that the accuracy
>isn't any better.   Any thoughts ?

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