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Welcome to the Windows CE Forum
Forum Manager: Todd Ogasawara
Small yet scalable, Microsoft Windows CE 2.0 is a 32-bit, Windows-compatible real-time operating system that works in a broad selection of products, including mobile computers, industrial controllers, and many others. This Forum is for everyone, from the newest Windows CE device owner to the professional developer, to learn about and discuss all things Windows CE. Your guide through the Windows CE World is Todd Ogasawara. If you would like to receive a periodic newsletter via email, please contact Todd. (The mailing list will never be given away, sold, or otherwise revealed to a third party.) Learn what you need to know here in Guidelines; and meet your Forum managers in Staff.


The Windows CE Forum is more than just a set of links to Web pages and newsgroups. More than anything else, this forum is a community. It is a place where people meet to discuss a topic of common interest: Microsoft Windows CE. As a community, it has certain rules. Here are a few rules I'm asking everyone here to follow.

  • Stay on the topic of Windows CE. There are a lot of forums on a lot of topics. We can help you find an appropriate forum for discussions of topics other than Windows CE.
  • Participate! Be an active member of the Windows CE Forum community. Ask questions. Post answers. Make comments. Speculate.
  • Be nice. Not everyone knows as much as you may know. Not everyone has his or her spell checker turned on. Let's try to avoid the dreaded "flame wars" here. Let's try not to be abusive in our comments and responses. Please don't "spam" (post messages to lots of unrelated newsgroups).
  • Be legal. Do not post proprietary information in the newsgroups. Do not contribute commercial software to the File Library unless you can tell me how to verify permission with the owner of the software. Do not discuss things that encourage illegal activity (selling stolen or illegally copied software, etc.).
  • Please use English when posting to the newsgroups. We realize that the Web and Windows CE crosses many borders. Unfortunately, your Forum Manager is only reasonably competent in the English language as spoken in most areas of the United States.
  • Tasteful product announcements are OK here. This means you can say (1) what the product is, (2) what it does, (3) what its list price is, (4) where to go for more information (Web pages), and (5) when it will be available. Please do not make any unverifiable, unsubstantiated statements.


Forum Manager: Todd Ogasawara

Todd Ogasawara graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and went on to get a Master of Arts Degree too. "But somehow," he says, "I always ended up working with computers whether I was writing programs to calculate statistical analyses or creating software to run psychology experiments." Some twenty years ago Todd, as a college undergraduate, watched with wonder as the psychology professor he was working for brought in the first microcomputer that he would ever work with, an Apple II with four kilobytes (that's thousands of bytes, not millions of bytes) of RAM.

It used a cassette tape deck for mass storage (no disk drives) and used a standard TV with a RF modulator for a display. He didn't know it then, but he was witnessing the birth of a technological revolution. "I did not know much about microcomputers," Todd reminisces, "but I knew it seemed like an interesting thing to learn more about."

Since then, Todd has worked on all kinds of PCs, minicomputers, and mainframes, but he's always had a special interest in extremely portable computers. "I own a TRS-100 (the first popular mini-notebook sized unit from 1985), a Sharp PC-1500 with 2K of RAM and a single line LCD display, a HP95LX (the first HP palmtop to run MS-DOS), a Newton MessagePad 130, and a Windows CE HP320LX (my favorite, naturally)."

Today he feels like he is watching another revolution take shape: the Microsoft Windows CE revolution. "Windows CE," says Todd, "will more than ever make computers a part of your everyday life: at work, at home, and at play. Windows CE is most commonly seen in the coat-pocket-sized handheld PC, but soon we will see Windows CE devices attached to your TV, built into your car, your intelligent telephone, and maybe even your photocopying machine or your microwave oven."

"As Forum Manager, I feel I have two areas of responsibility. First, I'm an information guide and adviser who will point out interesting things about Windows CE, answer questions for members, and get answers when I don't know them myself. At the same time I want to provide a structure and personality to the Forum. I want it to be responsive to members and make sure the Forum has a comfortable feel. It's not a faceless forum, where you'll come in and wonder if you're going to get any responses from anyone. You'll definitely get responses from me. And I really want users to tell me where they want this Forum to go. I want the Forum to be like a town center, a place where people of all kinds and with different areas of expertise and interest in Windows CE can come and either contribute something or get something."

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