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56K Modem FAQ Q&A Wonder why your modem doesn't even get close to 56Kbps downstream speeds? Check out this FAQ. I used to be the co-Forum Manager for the MSN with ZDNet Telephony Forum with the legendary Don Watkins. You can also get a quick overview of 56K modems and their limitations by reading my 56K Modem FAQ. You can find links to all these places in the blue rectangle to the left of this text.

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56k.com News, reviews, upgrade FAQ, special reports
808hi.com 56K=v.Unreliable Interactive modem troubleshooter, init string advice. Special focus on Lucent WinModems & Rockwell/Conexant HCF Modems
BVRP ModemHelp Many links to modem related sites
Windows 98 Communication Troubleshooting Page
Microsoft Windows 98 Communications Error Messages
Microsoft Windows 98 Modem How-To Guide
Microsoft Windows 98 Communications FAQ
Microsoft Windows Me Communications FAQ
Microsoft: How to Troubleshoot Modems in Windows Me
Microsoft Windows 2000 Modem Troubleshooter
V.90 Modem Standard Facts and information about the V.90 protocol
V92 Home Page Information about the new V.92 and V.44. V.92 adds QuickConnect, Modem-on-Hold, and PCM Upstream to the V.90 standard. V.44 is the new compression protocol that will replace the V.42bis compression scheme used in current modems
WinDrivers.com Modem Center Drivers, modem identification based on FCC ID #, bandwidth tests, and utilities
ZDNet Updates.com Search for modem drivers and much more
Five Ways to Faster Online Speed by Don Watkins
Eight Ways to Improve Your Modem by Don Watkins

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