Installing Windows CE Services on a Clean Room Windows NT4 Workstation
The Windows NT4 workstation I use to synchronize all my CE devices failed to boot on June 12, 1999. Since it was a dual-boot system, I booted to Windows 95 to confirm that the hardware was working properly. After repeated failed attempts to fix Windows NT4, it became apparent that I needed to rebuild the system. I had been running SP3 but decided to install SP4. This, it seems, was a major problem. I reinstalled NT4 and SP4 twice without getting Windows CE Services 2.2 to work properly. Finally, I decided to reinstall Windows NT4 with Service Pack 3 (SP3). Here are the steps I took. Note that the information provided here is not a recommendation for action. It is simply placed here as example of a last ditch effort to restore a working system for myself.

  1. Reformatted F: partition
  2. Installed Windows NT4 (Build 1381)
    1. Installed Ethernet card driver during the installation phase
  3. Installed Microsoft Office 97 SP2
  4. Installed Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2
  5. Installed Windows CE Services 2.2
    1. Installation procedure reinstalled RAS and rebooted
    2. Proceeded with installing CE Services itself using the Typical option
  6. Set up NT account with dial-in access.
  7. Installed Outlook 98. This probably could have and should have been done right after installinag Office 97.

Note, I could reformat with some security because I use different partitions for the Windows NT Workstation operating system files and my data files. So, reformatting the OS partition left my data intact elsewhere. On the other hand, I still have a lot of work ahead of me. I still need to re-install drivers for devices like my DVD-ROM MPEG player, my sound card, my ZIP drive, and a host of other devices. Any one of these procedures could leave me with another corrupted system. And, I have noticed that my Casio E-100 during long syncs.

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