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TO-TECH Windows CE Photo-FAQ

Q: Where can I find more information about Pocket PCs?
A: TO-TECH's Pocket PC FAQ.
Q: When will the Windows CE 2.11 upgrade be available for my Handheld PC?
A: A December 2, 1998 PC Week article reports that a $129 USD ROM upgrade for H/PCs like the HP620LX and Velo 500 will be available in January 1999. According to the article: That software comprises Windows CE 2.11 and the Handheld PC Professional software, which includes items such as a new TCP/IP stack; drivers for Proxim Inc.'s wireless LAN technology; and a set of Pocket applications, including Word, PowerPoint and Access.

Q: When will Windows CE 3.0 be available?
A: Published reports suggest that Windows CE 3.0 will be available in the the third (3rd) quarter of 1999.

Q: Where can I find more information about Handheld PC Pros (H/PC Pros) AKA "Jupiter" mini-notebooks running Windows CE OS 2.11?
A:Informational web links can be found on the H/PC Pro web pagehere. You can also find photos of the HP Jornada 820 and my informal impressions of using the product.

Q: Where can I find freeware and shareware for my Windows CE device?
A: Try one of these sites.
  • Microsoft Computing Central Windows CE Forum Downloads
  • Microsoft Windows CE PC Companions Downloads
  • Microsoft Windows CE Embedded Systems Downloads
  • Cassiopeia E Series Software Downloads
  • C|Net Download.Com CE Section
  • CEMonster
  • Mike's Palm-Sized PCs: Software

  • Q: Can one PC partner with more than one H/PC and/or P/PC?
    A: Yes, the Windows CE Services Mobile Devices screen shot below shows one PC of mine that is partnered with three H/PCs and three P/PCs.
    multiple H/PC and P/PC partners

    Casio screens: E10 vs. E11

    Q: Are the Casio E-10 and E-11 LCD screens significantly different in quality?
    A: The Gadgeteer Casio E-11 review suggests that the E-11 screen is slightly darker ("barely noticable") than the E-10. The result of my own unscientific comparison of my E-10 and E-11 units (see photo) is that I cannot tell the difference between the LCDs. Of course, this may be due to the specific LCD screen batches in my units.




      size comparisons

    Q: How big are the various Windows CE devices?
    A: Windows CE H/PCs and P/PCs come in all kinds of sizes. The photo to the right shows the differences in size for various types of CE devices. The first column of two devices shows the difference in size between a conventional 7 pound notebook PC and the 2.5 pound "Jupiter" class HP Jornada 820 mini-notebook with a 640x480 VGA display. The second column shows (from top to bottom) the NEC MobilePro 700 (the first CE mini-notebook), the HP620LX, and the HP320LX. P/PCs are represented by the the Philips Nino 312 and the Casio E-10 in the bottom right of the photo.

    Q: Where can I find a carrying case for my H/PC, H/PC Pro, or P/PC?
    A:Check out my list of links for various carrying cases.

    Q: Where can I find information about batteries?
    A:This site's Battery Information Page lists sites that has information you may find useful.

    Q: What are the names of some Windows CE general information and programming books?
    A:Click here to find a list of books with ordering links to Amazon.Com.

    Q: What are the available programming tools for Windows CE?
    A: The available tools for developing software for P/PCs and H/PCs are:
    Development Tool Palm-size PC Handheld PC
    Windows CE Toolkit for Visual C++ YES YES
    Windows CE Toolkit for Visual BASIC NO YES
    Windows CE Toolkit for Visual J++ NO YES
    Jsoftware J for Windows CE NO YES
    NSBasic/CE Coming soon YES
    OrbWorks PocketC YES YES
    Pocket Scheme YES YES
    Python CE NO YES

    Q: Where can I find Windows CE programming samples, tutorials, and tools?
    A: The MSN Windows CE File Library Windows CE Programming area.