Todd Ogasawara is a contributing author to Microsoft's PocketPC.com and the former Forum Manager for the MSN Windows CE Forum.
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Pocket PC 2002 (Merlin)

Q: How do I upgrade my Pocket PC 2000 (Rapier) device to Pocket PC 2002 (Merlin)?
@migo      From the URThere web site: U R There will be providing a Professional Version of Pocket PC 2002 Operating System to @migo owners when it is released in early to mid October.

The upgrade will be free-of-charge for those that purchased their @migo’s after September 1, 2001. Those that purchased their @migo prior to September 1 can receive the upgrade for a handling fee that will be announced.

Registered clients will be notified of the update program via email. Only registered @migo owners are qualified for this upgrade.

Casio        UNKNOWN

Compaq   US$29.99 + shipping/handling/taxes/etc. CD-ROM ROM Flash upgrade

HP            UNKNOWN

Pocket PC 2000 (Rapier)

Q: How do  I upgrade my Palm-size PC (Windows CE 2.11) to Pocket PC (Windows CE 3.0)?
Casio $199 trade-in for E-100/E-105 Trade-in offer is no longer available
Compaq Aero 1500 and 2100 series upgrade
  175593-001 - Aero 1500 Upgrade CE3.0 $69
  175595-001 - Aero 2100 Upgrade CE3.0 $99.00
HP $100 rebate for 430 owners Rebate offer is no longer available

Casio Trade-in Experience
June 2, 2000: I went to the Casio upgrade web page to order my trade-in unit. The system arrived in July and my credit card was credited for the proper amount.
Q: Where can I find ActiveSync 3.5?
A: Click here to go to Microsoft's ActiveSync 3.5 download page.
Q: Where can I get help regarding an ActiveSync problem?
A: The first thing you should try is using the Microsoft ActiveSync Troubleshooter.
Q: ActiveSync generally works. But, sometimes it just doesn't start up and I have to reboot to get it to work again.
A: Try the Microsoft ASreboot.exe utility found, oddly enough, in a Microsoft Money support article.

Q: Microsoft Office 2000 or XP (2002) stopped working or seems somewhat broken on my Windows 2000 PC. I can't seem to use the Repair tool or Uninstall it to fix it. I can't sync with Outlook because of this problem. What do I do?
A: Consult with the Windows 2000/XP and Office MVPs first. Check with them to see if they recommend using the the Windows Installer 2.0 Redistributable for Windows NT and 2000 (InstMsi.exe).

Q: I installed Microsoft Office 2000 Update SR-1. Now ActiveSync does not work. What happened?
A: Read the the Bugnet article on the SR-1 update.
Q: How do I use ActiveSync to backup and restore my Pocket PC?
A:Read the article: ActiveSync Backup and Restore

Q: My Pocket PC's Notes files do not sync using ActiveSync. What is wrong?
A: Refer to the Microsoft Support article Notes Do Not Sync with Device Through ActiveSync.

Q: I have a mouse (or modem or some other serial device) plugged in to serial port COM1:. My Pocket PC is connected to COM2. ActiveSync 3.5 says it cannot see the device. What is the problem?
A: Your Pocket PC has to be connected to the desktop PC via COM1 if there is another active serial device connected to the desktop. If you have an external modem connected to COM1, you can turn it off when you need to sync with a Pocket PC connected on COM2.

Q: Can a single desktop (or notebook) PC partner with a Pocket PC and a Handheld PC?
A: Yes, ActiveSync 3.5 can synchronize with everything except the first generation Handheld PCs (Windows CE 1.x ROM set).
Q: How can I connect my Pocket PC directly to an Exchange Server?
A: Read Chris Muench's article Set up the XTNDConnect Server
Q: Can I sync with Lotus Notes?
A: I don't have any direct experience with Lotus Notes. However, I am told that Cadenza Commontime and XTDNConnect PC work reasonably well.

Q: Is there a patch from Microsoft that deals with sync problems with Money 2001 and Money 2002?
A: Microsoft Money Sync Upgrade for Pocket PC. Microsoft provides separate versions for Money 2001 and 2002.

Q: Syncing with Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC causes file corruption. What can I do about it?
A: See if Mathew Walton's MS Money Sync Tips offers advice that may solve your problem.

Q: Is it possible to sync two Pocket PCs to the same PC and keep the calendar, contacts, and tasks seperated in Outlook 2000?
A: Yes. Read the article: Configure Outlook 2000 for Multiple Users
Q: Can I sync my Pocket PC with an Apple Macintosh?
A: You may be able to if (1) you are running the Connectix VirtualPC emulator and (b) have a special Mac Connection Cable. I have not tested this myself.
Q: Can I sync a Pocket PC and a Palm OS device (Palm, Handspring, Sony) on the same PC?
A: Yes, ActiveSync 3.1/3.5 and HotSync Manager 3.1/4.0 appear to co-exist peacefully on the same PC.
Q: Why can't I see the files on my CompactFlash storage card from Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Windows Media Player, or other applications.
A: You need to create and use a folder named My Documents on your CF card. You can learn how to create this folder by reading the PocketPC.com article titled Store Large Files on a CompactFlash Card
Q: Where is the Escape button on the unit and the Esc key on the virtual keyboard? They were there on my Palm-size PC but are not on my Pocket PC.
A: The Escape button and virtual key are not available on Pocket PCs.
Q: How can I close an active application if it does not have a close or exit option?
A: Switch to the virtual keyboard mode (if you are not already in that mode). Then click on Ctl then Q (Control-Q) to terminate the current active application.
Q: Why can't I access sites that require 128-bit encryption?
A: The Pocket Internet Explorer only supports 40-bit encryption despite what you might read in various articles. However, you can download an add-on from Microsoft that adds 128-bit encryption
Q: What does Pocket Internet Explorer support in terms of HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, Scripting, and XML?
A: Take a look at Microsoft's technical document: Designing Web Sites for the Internet Explorer for Pocket PC. It should address most questions about developing web pages for PIE.
Q: Can I beam Contacts information with a Palm OS user?
A: Yes, if you purchase and use Conduits' Peacemaker application.
Q: Can I store AvantGo channel content on a CompactFlash card?
A: You can via a registry tweak. However, I do not recommend it since it means you would lose the ability to update AvantGo via a modem sync. Here is the information posted by mtm123@my-deja.com on the microsoft.public.windowsce newsgroup:

First off, this is done on my HP 545 + 128mb sandisk CF card, with avantgo client version 3.2 Build 226 using TascalRegEdit v.52 (note: this regedit program was designed for H/PC's, so it's horizontal friendly but still usable on pocketPCs, although the find feature doesn't work. There is a P/PC version on that site but it's only for MIPS devices...or just pick your own fav. regeditor! Oh, and remember editing yor registry could render your device useless requiring a hard reset to fix it so please be careful.

Anyway, on your PocketPC from the registry editor, simply drill down to /HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/AvantGo and modify the DatabaseLocation key. Originally it was "/Windows/AvantGo" and on mine I changed it to "/Storage Card/AvantGo". Then from file explorer I did a cut on /Windows/AvantGo and switched directories to "/Storage Card" and hit Paste. Takes a while depending......now open avantgo and you should see all of your channels loaded from the storage card(seems faster to me now too). ActiveSync also syncs content to the new location.

Q: Where can I find a terminal emulator for my Pocket PC?
A: Contact Cambridge Computer Corporation and see if vxHpc or pkHpc will work on your Pocket PC.
Q:How can I view an AVI file on my Pocket PC.
A: Try the AVI to MPEG translator/encoder linked here.
Q: Where can I find Microsoft Access for the Pocket PC?
A: There is no Microsoft Access for the Pocket PC. You can find database alternatives in the article titled Pocket PC Database Options.  
Q: My Audible.com program files don't play anymore. I see an error message about not being registered. It used to play fine. How can I fix this?
A: I ran in to this problem myself when I allowed Audible to auto-upgrade to 3.1. It turned on that something went wrong and I lost my license to use Audible on the Pocket PC. I called Audible's customer support at 1-888-283-5051 (US/Canada - 973-980-4070 outside of US/Canada). Prepare to be placed on hold for a long time. However, once a customer service representative greeets you, explain the problem and he/she will reset the settings for your Pocket PC and you will be able to use it to play Audible files again. It did not affect the registration of Audible Manager on the two desktop PCs I also use for Audible program listening.

Q: Can I run a web server on my Pocket PC?
A: I haven't tried it myself, but it looks like ApacheCE may run on a Pocket PC. This Apache port has been tested on the HP Jornada 720 Handheld PC 2000 according to the ApacheCE web page.

MSN (The Microsoft Network)
Q: Can I use MSN as my Pocket PC's ISP?
A: Yes, you can read the Microsoft Support article Q161447 - Using MSN as Your Internet Service Provider with Windows CE for detailed information. The most important thing to remember is to prefix your account name with "MSN/". For example, if your account name is PocketUser, then you should have the following entry in the User Name field: MSN/PocketUser. You can also find detailed suggestions and tips in my article Using MSN as Your Internet Service Provider (for Handheld, Palm-size, and Pocket PCs).
Q: Why can't I get my MSN e-mail?
A: You need to download and install the Pocket Inbox add-on that can deal with MSN's Secure Password Authentication (SPA) feature on their POP3 e-mail server. You can find the link to the download area and installation instructions for the add-on in my PocketPC.com article titled MSN E-mail for Pocket PC. Note: MSN changed the way the SMTP gateway works for outgoing mail. As of Spring 2001 it requires SPA support only found in Outlook Express and Outlook 2000. You cannot send e-mail from a Pocket PC using MSN. Check my MSN E-Mail info article for other problem issues.
Q: How can I synchronize Hotmail email with Pocket Inbox?
A: You cannot. Hotmail is a web based mail service that does not have a POP3 or IMAP4 interface. The only email client that is compatible with it is Outlook Express 5.
Q: How can I find an MSN access phone number to use with my Pocket PC?
A:Click here for MSN Access Phone Numbers

Q: Why can't Media Player find my MP3/WMA files on my CompactFlash card?
A: You need to create a folder called My Documents on the CompactFlash card. Then, place the files under it or a sub-folder created under My Documents.

Q: Where can I find the Microsoft Media Manager?
A: That tool is no longer available. Microsoft recommends that you use Windows Media Player 7.1 as the tool to copy files to a Pocket PC that requires Digital Rights Management (DRM). .

Q: How can I transform MPEG and AVI files to WMV videos?
A: Download the appropriate (for your CPU type) Windows Media Encoder 7.1 Profiles for Pocket PC.

Q: Where can I find and download the current version of Media Player for the Pocket PC?
A: Visit: Windows Media Player 7.1 for Pocket PC

Q: Where can I find more skins?
A: Windows Media Player for Pocket PC Skins

Q: How can I dim the screen to conserve power while Windows Media Player is playing?
A: Map a hardware button to the Screen Toggle function. You can learn how to find the Media Player Tools screen by reading the PocketPC.com tip titled Re-Assigning Windows Media Player Buttons. This article can also show you how to unmap the hardware button if you change your mind later.
Q: How can I play ASF, WMA, or WMV video files on my Pocket PC?
A: You can't do that with the version of Media Player that comes with your Pocket PC. However, you can download and install the Windows Media Player 7.1 for Pocket PC.

Q: How can I delete the old Windows Media Player after I download and install the current one?
A: You cannot delete the old Player since it is embedded in ROM (Read Only Memory). You can, however, delete the short cut:

1. Start
2. Settings
3. Menus
4. (uncheck) Windows Media

Q: How can view Adobe Acrobat files?
A: Ansyr has a PDF reader for the Pocket PC.
Q: How should I format documents so that it looks good on the Pocket PC's screen after being translated into an Adobe Acrobat file?
A: MSN Forum community member Terry gave the advice below in a message board post:
I have done a lot of work learning to configure and convert text documents to pdf format and then use Primer (Ansyr Technology) on the Casio E-115. A Microsoft Word document needs to be configured with Custom paper of 3.0 X 3.9 inches and all margins must be set to zero. I use Lucida Fax font which should not be embedded. Be careful using contractions or apostrophes because these do not render well on some page rendering setups. Don't use page breaks, tabs or extra line spacing. Set the document to Page view to see individual pages the way they will appear on the PPC. Drag the document onto the PDFWriter application. Set it to actual size. Crop the pages to 2.694 inches on the left, 2.639 inches on the right, 7.222 inches on the bottom, and zero for the top. Do the bookmarking at the end. This document is then ready for downloading to the PPC. The current version of the program launches slower than it should. Page rendering on Draft mode improves things. A new version is supposed to be due in September which may improve the speed. The Compaq processor may also speed things up. Otherwise, the program works well and the pdf format with bookmarking is indispensible for some documents.
Q: Where can I learn more about Microsoft Reader?
A: The Microsoft Reader web site. It includes a list of free downloadable eBooks and a link to the Slate Reader web page.
Q: How can I create Reader eBooks?
A: ReaderWorks has Reader eBook creation tools. Microsoft provides a free Read in Microsoft Reader add-in for Microsoft Word.
Q: Where can I find more Reader eBooks?
A: Barnes & Noble has eBooks. Slate magazine updates its eBook magazine every weekday at 5PM Pacific Time.
Q: What is Digital Rights Management (DRM)?
A: You can learn more by reading the Microsoft Reader DRM page and the PocketPC.com article titled MS Reader, eBooks, and Encryption. You should also read the Pocket PC, Microsoft Reader and Digital Rights Management FAQ

Q: How  many devices am I allowed to activate for Microsoft Reader?
A: You can activate up to 4 devices.

Q: Are there other sources of eBooks?
A: Peanut Press also has electronic books. However, their books are not in a format that can be used by Microsoft Reader. You need to download their PeanutReader application (free) to read their eBooks.

The iRead channel of Time-Warner's iPublish will also feature Reader eBooks in the future.

Q: I upgraded my Compaq Aero 1500 or 2300 series Palm-size PC to Pocket PC. Everything works great, except for Reader. Every time I go to start it, I get an error that says Fatal Application Error Exception 0x0000005 Address:003ea6f.
A: Compaq says: ...it is caused by Audible content. Actually, it was the lack of content. If this device has ever been connected to a PC with Audible Manager, it could have created a zero byte playlist file, and this trips up the Reader app. Delete the my.fls (or any other .fls file) from the device (could be in My Documents, or in a specific 'Audible' directory) and try the reader again.
Q: I don't have a Pocket PC. Can I get Reader for my Palm-size PC or Handheld PC (Pro)?
A: No, Microsoft Reader is only available for the Pocket PC at this time. However, you can get Microsoft Reader 1.5 for Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, and 2000 PCs.
Q:Where can I order it?
A: The Fun Pack Order web page. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
Q: Can I get the Fun Pocket PC Expansion Pack outside of the US and Canada?
A: No.
Q: Why isn't it available outside of the US and Canada?
A: I don't know. But, I will guess it has to do with various laws, policies and regulations regarding giving away products in countries other than the US and Canada.
Q: When will it be available for those who purchase Pocket PCs outside of the US and Canada?
A: I don't know if it ever will be.
Q: If I can't get the Fun Pack, where can I get the items that are in the Fun Pack?
A: Some items are trialware available directly from the vendors. Other applications may become part of a future release of something like the Power Toys and Entertainment Packs we've seen released in the past. You can learn about the Fun Pack's contents in my Pocket PC column.
Q: I ordered my Fun Pack. Where is it?
A: I don't know. You can probably safely guess that there is a huge demand for a free item. It is probably back-ordered. Try to be patient.

HP 545/548
Q: The HP545/548 screen does not look like it is showing 65536 colors.
A: HP made a mistake. The hardware can only display 4096 colors. You can learn more at HP's erratum web page.
Q: Can I buy a spare battery for my HP 545/548?
A: No. The rechargeable battery is sealed in the system.
Q: Where can I find accessories for my 545/548?
A: Click here: HP Jornada 540 Series accessories.
Q: Can I rotate the screen to a landscape view?
A: This procedure is undocumented and unsupported. Try it at your own risk: It is recommended that you turn off passwords. You will also need to realign the screen. Then open the run dialog by holding the action button, tap and hold the clock, and tap run. Enter rotate r,  tap ok and reset.
Compaq iPaq H3600
Q: Why does the Compaq iPaq PC Card adapter cost most than the CF card adapter?
A: Compaq says that since PC Cards draw more power than CompactFlash cards, Compaq needed to build a Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery with support circuitry into the unit.
Vendor Software Download Areas
Q: Does Casio have a Pocket PC software download web site?
A: Yes, but you need to register with Casio to gain access to the site. Visit Casio's Drivers Page. Casio's New Zealand distributor (Monaco Corp.) actually has more downloads at their Recommended Cassiopeia Software Updates site.
Q: Does Compaq have a Pocket PC software download web site?
A: Yes, you can find it at the Compaq Handheld Software Download Center
Q: Does HP have a Pocket PC software download web site?
A: Yes. Software/Hardware Solutions for your Jornada
Q: Does Microsoft have a Pocket PC software download web site?
A: Yes: Downloads, Add-Ons, Updates, and Extensions
Q: How do I perform a hard reset on my specific Pocket PC?
A:Read this article for specific information: How to Reset Your Pocket PC Model
Q: What is a Pocket PC? What can it do?
A: Visit Microsoft's Pocket PC Features web site
Q: What are the different Pocket PCs available?
A: Visit Notapalm's Pocket PC Comparison Page to see what is available and how they differ.
Q: The Pocket PC still is not perfect. How can I tell Microsoft about changes I want to see?
A: Read the Microsoft support article that describes the Microsoft Wish Program. The e-mail address is mswish@microsoft.com.
Q: How can I connect my CDMA or GSM wireless phone to my Pocket PC?
A: See if the Socket Communications Digital Phone Card can help you. Alternatively, if you have a Compaq iPAQ with PC Card sleeve or an @migo PD-600C (that has a built-in slot), you can use a Sierra Wireless AirCard® 510 with the SprintPCS Add-a-Modem Card service to share the minutes you have allocated to your current SprintPCS CDMA voice service.
Q: I installed a new application. Now, my Start Menu list is in the middle of the screen. How can I fix this?
A: This is what happens when you have too many items in the Start Menu. You need to move one or more items out of the Start Menu and into the Programs Menu.
Q: Where is my Windows CE documentation?
A: The HP Jornada comes with a hard copy (paper) manual. Casio and Compaq provide soft versions of the documentation on the accompanying CD-ROM.
Q: Can I use my Pocket PC to surf the web while synced to my desktop PC?
A: Try the instructions on the web page titled Connecting to the Internet with your Windows CE device through a cradle connection.
Q: Is there a free ISP (Internet Service Provider) that works with the Pocket PC?
A: I have heard that freeinternet.com can be used as a free ISP with the Pocket PC. However, I have not tested it myself.
Q: How can I detect if my web page is being viewed by a Pocket PC?
A: Arne Hess recommends using the Javascript code below:
<!-- Based on a Java Script by Philippe Majerus - http://www.phm.lu/ -->
<!-- Provided by Arne Hess - http://www.unwired-i.net -->
<!-- Begin
var nua = String(navigator.userAgent);
if (nua.indexOf("240x320")>0)
    window.location = "Your_PocketPC_HTML_File_Here.html";
    window.location = "Your_Desktop_HTML_File_Here.html";
// End -->

Q: What do I need to write software for the Pocket PC?
A: You need to get the nearly free (you pay for shipping) eMbedded Visual Tools 3.0
Q: What is in the eMbedded Visual Tools package?
A: A thick multi-language warranty pamphlet. A License Agreement. Brief installation instructions inside of CD jewel case cover. Two CD-ROM discs. Disc 1 is the Setup disc.. Disc 2 contains the Software Development Kits (SDKs) for the Handheld PC Pro, Palm-size PC 1.2, and Pocket PC.
Q: What version of Windows will the package work on?
A: Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows NT4 with Service Pack 5 or later, Windows 2000.
Q: Does the emulator work under Windows 98SE?
A: No, the emulator only works under Windows NT4 and Windows 2000.
Q: Which Windows CE platforms does the eMbedded Tools package support?
A: Handheld PC Pro, Palm-size PC 1.2, Pocket PC.
Q: Do I need to buy anything else to begin development?
A: No, the Toolkit contains both Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ and Visual BASIC.
Q: Where can I find more information about developing for the Pocket PC?
A: Try visiting the PocketProjects site.
Q: Are there any development tools that can be used on the Pocket PC itself?
Q: Where else can I find more information on the Pocket PC?